Cyndi B.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Sep. 11, 2020

Not our favorite

On our recent cross-country trip, we stayed at a few KOAs when nothing else was available. This was definitely our least favorite of all the places we stayed. The lady at check in was pleasant enough, but she was the only staff person we ever saw. I agree with other reviewers, the sites are closely packed, poor layout, dirt, barely enough room to have any privacy. I do not recommend getting a site that is near the pool - there are no walkways from the campsites so people are essentially forced to walk through your site to get to the pool unless they really want to go out of their way. The bathrooms.......old, in disrepair, dirty. The tiles on the floor in the women’s shower popped up when you stepped in, which was quite hazardous. The bathrooms are not accessible, so if you have any kind of walking disability, I would caution you to stay elsewhere. There didn’t seem to be any staff giving general supervision (at most KOAs they are very present, driving around, picking up garbage, making repairs, etc). The place was generally noisy most of the time with lots of unsupervised kids roaming around - some people enjoy that kind of environment when camping, we do not. It was convenient to where we were touring and hiking, but they offered nothing that would make me want to go back.

  • Site #70 We had just enough room to back-in our van to keep the front end from sticking out in the roadway, and the trailer behind us was so close that we had about four feet from where we slept in the back of the van to their door.
  • A few feet from the pool and people kept traveling through our site to get there until we rearranged the picnic table and put out a few chairs, but even then, people still walked thru.

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