Sarah W.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Aug. 31, 2020

Just come here and see

The whole Alvord desert is a dry lake bed.... well most often it is dry, but if it isn’t do not even try to drive out there. The clay silt will stop an cat in its tracks. Tow company won’t even get you until it is dry...

That being said, it is completely open for dispersed camping. You could get to the middle of it and feel like you are stranded.

Total. Solitude.

We came in the summer and the bed was dry. So naturally we drove 70 mph to a spot we seems “fine”.. it’s all just dry dirt, so pick a place that is far from anyone else.

Walking around you could almost loose sight of your car, with the heat illusion ok the horizon. Super trippy, but honestly at night we nearly walked right past our car.

No light pollution, so stars are on full display, but it does get windy at night.

Be safe here, lots of people driving wicked fast.

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