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Reviewed Aug. 13, 2020

New Favorite . . .

This place is on my shortlist for favorites for my week long getaway with my daughter who is 5. To be honest I was a bit concerned after reading a couple reviews describing the place. But hey, we all have bad days, and if I can read 90% positive vibe from a review I will check it out. I will say This place is an oasis that is in a manufactured home area that is very nice. Once you are in, it is a pure KOA experience. So far no company consistently does better than OK always across the board.

Could not be happier with the customer service, and the staff that work here. Just simply top notch. They represent the true spirit of the KOA campgrounds. they lead you to your campsite, they will deliver wood for you, they monitor the pool at all times, make it easy to rent a little bike, and Wednesday through Saturday they have ice cream socials.

I was a bit surprised that I did not see more children here. They have all the amenities that they have in Billings. I think some of the other reviews do not paint a quality picture of this place from a child’s eye. This is my daughters favorite place. From the bike rental to the playground, putt putt golf, swimming pool (2 Adult hot tubs - very clean).

Of course as Tenters the big thing I look at is where I am pounding in my stakes :-) and the grass here in Missoula is perfect. They have several very creative approaches to tent sites. The one that I am staying at has a tent circle, five sites in the round, facing outward, fenced on each side with a picnic table, stand up barbecue, fire pit that is grated, picnic table, running water, electricity, and nice grass. I wish more campgrounds had this creative approach. Everything is well spread out and segregated between cabins, centers, and RV’s.

They even have two really nice teepees in the center of the campground. They are super deluxe and the next time I come here I will be staying in one of them. See the photos.

The campground store is the best stock store of all the KOA’s that I stayed in on this trip. They have everything from ice cream sandwiches to souvenirs.

The facilities are well-maintained and very clean. I’d like the cypher locks on the bathrooms/showers for safety. The driveways are well-maintained, they have a painted bike path for riders. Overall this was just wonderful!

If you have a couple days here I would suggest a 40 minute drive to the National Bison Range. The kids will love it!

PS - My daughter wanted me to add that they have three very large bunnies that roll around the campground. She loves them.

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