Molly G.
Reviewed Sep. 5, 2016

Freaked out towards the end...

First if I may say-- the campsite was an easy 5 star. It has shower accessibility, every site has a generous water view, you can swim all day long, the scenery is gorgeous. However. I was with a few close friends. All of us women. When we got to the site- it looked very populated. There were marked a on many of the sites indicating they were coming in for that night. As four girls, we were looking for a somewhat populated site for safety. Nobody ever came except two men who were behaving very innapropriatly. They were making us feel extremely uncomfortable- coming over near our site and just watching us. Hiding behind trees when a few had to use the bathroom... Things like that. So around 9, after we had already set up camp and enjoied our site, we felt compelled to bow out. I'm sure this was an isolated event and I would totally return with my husband- but it's pretty secluded as far as help would go. Seclusion is something I generally look for when I'm feeling a little more confident about my ability to take on confrontation--- but not with my girl friends.

  • Buddies!
  • Beautiful sunset.
  • Middle of nowhere
  • Soft grass for relaxing and fetching
  • Sadies favorite part of the campsite

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