Reviewed Jul. 6, 2018

Flat, hot.

cI have had a problem with campgrounds in South Florida. Either they are flat, hot, and poorly appointed or they are tree covered, glade like ambience, and buggy as hell. C.B. Smith is the former.

The tenting area is characerless, treeless, the facilities are far removed and poorly maintained, in spite of being relatively new, and not well policed.

The RV section, which I never use (I am a tenter), is more inviting. It is shaded, well kept, and visually appealing. The facilities are more accessible and well maintained, and the grounds are kept clean and visually appealing. There is easy access to water and sewerage, and I occasionally see park personel helping with hookups.

There is easy access to shopping, it is only 12 miles from the beach, and there is a multiscreen theatre for those rainy summer days. In the park there is a water park, an outside "gym", mini-golf, batting cages and driving range. There are many gazebos with tables and grills for group picnicking, There is a well groomed, paved path that winds it way through the park and a perimeter road that circles the park, ideal for bike riding.

For me, the tenting area has one appeal I can't discount. It is very close to my home. When I just want a couple of days out of the house, I can walk there.

The prices are in line with South Florida campgrounds, from $25.00 a night for primitive or "Preserve camping", an area with electric, water, better access to facilities, concrete pads and gazebos, to $40.00 for the RV area.

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