Skooma M.
Reviewed Sep. 21, 2021

As Expected.

HBR State Park is what it is, as far as camping goes. The car campground is as expected from places like this. Lots of RV campers, sites that are quite close to each other, and rock-hard ground from being packed down by heavy vehicles day after day. If you plan on ground sleeping in the campground, make sure you have a sleeping pad or you will certainly be miserable. They do have very nice bathrooms at this park, which is always appreciated. In general, HBR is a pretty nice park, but I wouldn't camp here if you want a quiet night of solitude In the woods.

There is also a severe limit on Hammock camping - it is only allowed at a few of the sites, so make sure you reserve a site where you are allowed to hang a hammock if that is what you are looking to do.

The trails and the river are beautiful and definitely worth walking along at least once.

The primitive campsite that is off the trail, last I called them , has been closed off for over a year. I'm not sure why this is the case, when it is perfectly accessible, but it would be nice if it could get opened back up.

I will say that several workers seemed to be quite suspicious of me since I don't have a vehicle, and I was asked multiple times if I was hiking out. Not really sure what the big deal was.


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