John S.
Reviewed Jul. 19, 2021

Poor customer service

I called KOA Ashland on July 3rd and spoke with an employee about cancelling my reservation I had on Aug 7th. She informed me that I would forfeit $10 as a cancellation fee. I informed her that I’m a VIP member and per KOA cancellation policy the cancellation fee is waived. She stated that per the campground owner they are an independently owned and that KOA policy does not apply to them. I told her that as a franchise of KOA they cannot pick and choose which policies to follow. I then said I understand that you are just the messenger. She even shared with me that the system was even showing her to issue a full refund. I asked her to inform the manager that I would be contacting KOA corporate on Tuesday in refence to this matter. On July 3rd I posted a review simply stating I’m not recommending this campground with the comment “ They don’t follow KOA cancellation policy for VIP members!”.

On July 7th the owner called very angry because I called KOA and posted the reviews. I tried to explain to the owner but there was not talking to him. This owner has no customer service skills at all! If he would have called and said that we must have a misunderstanding, how can we make this right? But he immediately went into everything was my fault without trying to understand what his employee stated. He went on to say that my reservation was not even cancelled. I can only speculate that when I spoke with his employee that she was hesitant to cancel until after she had an opportunity to speak with the owner. Regardless, I had asked for the reservation to be cancelled. Arguing on the call was not getting us anywhere. I asked the owner would he cancel my reservation and process a full refund. The owner’s response was “I might not” and hung up.

A short time later in the day I received an email cancellation with no refund at all. The cancelation fee was listed at $46.08. Therefore, from my prospective the owner stole my money as a penalty for the review. This is clearly not the documented cancelation policy. I will continue to work with KOA to resolve this very unwelcoming and dishonest situation. Campers beware!!

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