Melissa B.
Reviewed Jul. 19, 2021

Favorite NH Spot

This has quickly become my favorite place to camp solely because of the sites all being in wooded areas that aren't cramped, and also for the kayaking. The lake itself is beautiful and so fun to be out on the water. There are a bunch of small islands throughout the lake to pull up on a sandbar and hang out, or swim around for a bit. The water is clear and clean in most parts of the lake, and the campsites are all in nice shaded areas that aren't super crowded or close to one another. Only heads up I would say is to be aware that this is a carry-in, carry-out park...meaning you need to take your trash with you. They do not have dumpsters for you to throw your garbage away on the way out.

You really can't go wrong with choosing a site here though. Big Island has the most choices, but very few (if any) are actually waterfront sites. Horse Island is where most of the waterfront sites are, which are super convenient for kayaking in and out directly from your campsite. They have a small beach area to hang out at, as well as another location to park and put in kayaks or canoes at Neal's Cove. If you don't have your own gear, they offer rentals at the main camp store, but I think they have to be returned by 5pm. If I remember right, they had sit-in kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, canoes, and a few paddleboards as well. So there were plenty of options, but it's first come, first serve.

I've stayed at both a waterfront site on Horse Island and a wooded site on Big Island now, and both times were great experiences. Can't go wrong camping here.


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