Gabby A.
Reviewed Jul. 8, 2021

Great area to bring the fur babies!

It was a nice spot, big open camping spots that are first come first serve. The drive down the trail can be a bit much if you’re in a smaller car like we were, we had to drive slowly down because of all of the rocks. We didn’t catch any fish but I’m sure if you’re able to get out in the water via canoe or kayak, you’ll be able to. We only stayed over night due to a tropical storm coming in but the area itself is beautiful to walk around. We brought our two pups & they had a blast playing & laying in the water! We stayed at a campsite next to the river bend, not on the actual Deep Water Trail, because it got super bumpy & didn’t want to damage our car. But it gave us a nice path downward to get to the Yadkin River, before the Badin Lake.

  • At the water, about a 5 minute walk from our campsite
  • At the water, there were areas we let them off leash & explore, use caution of course. Our girl likes to explore, this picture was after she Houdini’d herself from her harness & we found her in the water. After that, we kept her off & it was generally easy to see where she was going as the area is pretty open.
  • At the campsite, both our babies had so much room to run around & play, I had my husky on a 30tf. leash & she did get tangled up a bit.
  • At the campsite, huge area with two firepits. This area was below another campsite area that had another two firepits. This would be the perfect spot if you’re camping with multiple families that each would have their own area.
  • At the water, we were able to swim & play, if you plan on swimming bring water shoes because the rocks can be slippery & super sharp. (Kya liked swimming on her own terms so when we brought her into the water, she was sick of us. No dogs were harmed in the making of this review)
Sitetwo campsites before the Deep Water Trail, on the right

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