Reviewed Jul. 1, 2021

Great Campground, not so great surroundings

My wife and I stayed at site #8 of the Mather loop in the Dunewood campground. In terms of the site itself, it was $25 per night, pretty typical of a national park. The site was clean when we got there. We definitely had neighbors but the spacing was fair enough. We were just across the street from a water pump which was nice. Each loop in the campground has a water pump, dumpsters, a public bathroom and FREE showers, along with a camp sink. No complaints at all about the site. We only explored the national park, not the state park. The beaches were clean and nice. We had a nice hike through quite a unique forest to the beach as well. I believe it was the Paul H. Douglas hike. Quite a bit of wildlife. The only unfortunate thing is the steel mills on either side of the national park blowing plumes of smoke. The surrounding areas were sort of depressing especially after being in nature. Overall, I would stay again, but the national park itself isn't super high on my list to revisit.


  • our campsite after we had moved in.
  • Empty Site
  • Fire Pit
SiteMather #8

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