Ken G.
Reviewed Jun. 22, 2021

Living Water is a good campground I'd go back

I camped on the river, could see the road (rt 3) on the other side of it, but that didn't really bother me since there were some trees slightly blocking the view of it, and the noise from the river was loud enough to drown most of the noise of traffic out.   Plus, we didn't stick around during the day we went hiking and such, and then when you come back and are hanging out at night around your fire there really isn't any traffic at all.   So don't be worried about the proximity to Rt 3.   

The sites and surrounding grounds are really nice, a mix of well groomed  grassy open areas with plenty of trees and such to mix it up and provide a bit of isolation from other campers.   You do not feel like you are crammed in, and that to me is the most important thing.   sites are very level too, barely had to level my Airstream when I pulled in to the site.  

I can't comment on family friendly stuff, don't bother w any of that, I camp, hike, site see, and don't have young kids anymore.   

You aren't supposed to drink, or play music out loud, but me and my friends did both till 11pm until finally the owner came down and said to kill the tunes,  but he was a really nice guy and said that we could stay up as late as we wanted as long as we kept it down.   We knew of these rules going in, but figured if we kept it down nobody would care, and that was the case until later on at night I won't deny we may have been a bit louder then we should have been, but we meant no disrespect and aren't really rowdy and obnoxious.   

All in all what makes this place great is the location, great spot north of Franconia Notch \ Mt Washington, and the fact that if you have a trailer or RV you have water and electric to hook up to.   and the sites are relatively isolated and not crammed together.

  • Notice the site is nice and level, notice the trees to the right of the Airstream which separate me from the neighbors, the site is long and narrow leading to the river front, the firepit is down closer to the river you can see it there.

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