Peter G.
Reviewed Jun. 20, 2021

Absolutely awesome! Edited!

I will start with the ONLY drawback, and it is dramatic at best. For like 30 minutes a day at around 5pm (I was there Thursday to Monday) you would hear (pistol) gun fire. Its most annoying the first day, then you get over it.

Moving on…

This is absolutely the best kept and cleanest campground I’ve ever been to.

The staff… ALL amazing, always cheerful, helpful and seemingly happy to be there! (I encountered cleaning, maintenance, desk, and store staff!)

The smaller loop is newest, and if you can handle camps being tightly spaced, you’ll get prime access to the seemingly brand new facilities which i always found to be clean and tidy (and bug free with decent toilet paper). The showers were nicely sized, immediately hot and the cost/time is generous!

The larger, upper loop has hugely spaced out spots that are more open due to less undergrowth, but still seem private as i walked by them on my way to the Appalachian trail access, halfway up the large loop.

Simply awesome easy-ish trails in both directions. Expect a 2 mile trip either direction to see cool stuff (see bottom for notes)

Wood is great, slow burning, large pieces for $6 a bundle, which are generous in size.

NOTES I came across (polite and private) families and happy dogs (surprisingly mostly well behaved, one off leash on a trail but still friendly).

Edit: Turns out my battery died while i was here AND THEY HELPED ME JUMPSTART IT! 🥰🥰🥰

  • well made and well venting fire pit with cook top
  • site 22 has its own trail to the bath house behind
  • the newer facilities
  • showers
  • looks nice right?  it is!
  • I even found a free quarter!(left it for the next person)
  • yup. its CLEAN
  • common trail to bath house and well kept road signs with reflectors

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