Karen A.
Reviewed Jun. 18, 2021

Noisy and crowded

The campground is beautifully maintained and clean, with lots of pride of ownership. Nearly all sites are occupied with seasonals, right on top of each other. So it's like camping in a small city with a few trees overhead. The sites are close enough to hear every word of every conversation and there is nothing to screen sites from each other.  After an afternoon and night of noise--annoying enough that I was wearing earplugs and could still hear talking, bass beats, loud music and yelling, I packed us up and left on Day 2 within 30 minutes when the new neighbors backed their rig so close that it was like we were sharing a site and they started yelling before they even got out of their van. To be fair, all the noise stopped exactly at ten and didn't start until eight am, but if you are looking for a minute's peace or privacy while you're awake, you won't find it here.

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