Reviewed Jun. 15, 2021

Integrity Issue

On 21 April, I booked a 3-Night stay for Memorial Day Weekend at Sasquatch Farms (2985 Browns Trace Rd South Pittsburg TN 37380). I called their desk and inquired about this new campground. The price was two to three times a normal campground with only water and electric. She told me that the slots are huge and we would feel like we are camping alone. I asked about cancellations, and she told me that would give me a refund if needed. She also told me about the trails and waterfalls. Their website shows very nice camping slots.
On 28 May, we arrived at the campground about lunchtime. I knew the campground was new, but I did not expect it would look like the initial stages of a construction site. The campground road was covered in very large gravel and the slots were mud and sparse grass. I would only describe my slot as a mud pit. The young man offered me other slots, but they were not much better. The slots were muddy and unleveled. After walking on their gravel road, I felt the gravel size was unsafe to walk on for my wife and two tiny dogs for daily leisurely walks. The campground did not resemble their website and seemed hazardous to small animals and elderly, especially during limited visibility and wet weather. We called the front desk, and the office said they would refund our money. We took them at their word. We received a cancellation confirmation that stated if due, a refund would be issued in 5-10 days. On 7 June, we called their office to inquire about the status of the refund and they told us that we are not getting a full refund and hung up on us.

We were charged the full 3 night stay.


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