Carly D.
Reviewed Jun. 1, 2021

beach adjacent fun

I've camped here about half a dozen times over the years and while each experience has been different, they were all enjoyable and I would easily return again.

There are a variety of campsites, and they are many - we camp as close to the ocean as possible in the meadow area. There are port-o-potties on site but they're not always super close to your campsite. You typically do have to hike the ocean from the dunes, and while some consider it a light and easy walk, for others it could be difficult. There are other sites closer to the waterfront, but I haven't personally camped there yet and can't testify to the ease.

The weather is GREAT, and you can usually count on some light wind daily. It's amazing kite weather. The sites are in full-sun, so plan for shading yourself. I suggest a pop-up canopy, and double suggest staking it down.

We've run out of firewood on occasion and bartered with other campers (some have kindly donated some for the night and we reimburse their wood in the morning). There's a lovely general store and restaurant nearby with delicious clam chowder. There is also a day-area beach, a really cool pier where folks crab, and loads of fishing. Pet friendly, sand dunes where you'll see lots of action, and just a lovely area. Camping is year round, and the weather is typically PERFECT.


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