Reviewed May. 15, 2021

On The Loneliest Road in Texas

Stayed in early May. Warm days, cool night. First of all. tons of decent hiking, especially if you're the explore-off-the-trail type. Apparently there is a wonderful, full-service lodge, which I saw from above (on a trail) but didn't visit. So if camp food is getting old, mosey over to their restaurant. 

As for the camping, most sites have decent shade... except mine. Mine was also one of the smaller sites. So any site that is NOT #89 may offer better coverage and space, but even my spot was pretty groovy. Midweek in May, you have a lot of choices.

Internet? Not a thing. Maybe at the lodge, but I wasn't getting any signal on my phone of any kind. More impetus to go hike. 

The bathrooms are decent, but spread out a bit. The staff is quite friendly. There are a ton of birds, who serenade you in the morning. The night was pleasantly full of animal sounds. What I thought might be the call of young coyotes really close by might have been the small, wild pigs that are the ugliest/cutest things ever. 

State Route 118 is a fascinating, beautiful, and very empty stretch of road. watch out for aforementioned pigs. They cross regularly.

  • Nice ravine and hills to explore right behind my tent.
  • Ko'olau loved the views from the hikes.
  • Happiness is a smiling dog.

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