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Reviewed May. 8, 2021

Camping near hiking trails and close to the lake

Pine Ridge is a loop campground with some electric and non-electric sites. In April the leaves were not on the trees so there was intermittent shade. This was a decent place for $10 a night.

The main draw for us was the hiking trails. If you go over to the Pounds Hollow Rec Area you can find picnic areas and a pond to explore by boat. We saw a few kayaks and a family having a picnic lunch. However there is a trail that you definitely should try.

Go to the far end of the picnic area (away from the parking). There is a trail that goes west along the shore of the lake. You can keep following it and you end up at the Rim Rock Trail. Now you have choices. You can go left and follow a gradual uphill along the side of the cliffs to another parking area. Then you can access Rim Rock trail info. If you go right (pretty amazing choice!) you will find a hollow cave with historical significance. Keep going and you can squeeze into a crack in the rock and discover a staircase bringing you to the top and a lookout area. The trail goes around and you can find your way back to the same trail along the pond to return.

Garden of the Gods area is also a short drive away.

  • Nice sites
  • Some good hiking if you venture out from camp
  • Beach access with a picnic area (hint: a great trail lies at the far end)

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