Reviewed Jun. 29, 2020

It's in a beautiful location with amazing swimming holes.

First things first, the hosts, Ed and Wanda really are super sweet. When we arrived, they were full but Wanda let me park my conversion van in what would be considered their yard. It had a fire pit, picnic table and a sandlot for kids to play in. Probably technically a campsite, but it had their personal items scattered about. 

We stayed the first night, met some kids, made some pie iron treats and had a good evening. In the morning we walked to the semi private beach spot, a tired swimming hole that is great for kids. It is beautiful, but people who are coming up for the day park above and hike down to it, so before we knew it, we were surrounded by tens of people blasting music and not "socially distancing" themselves during the pandemic so we packed up and moved to a more private spot  through another trail in the campground. We had that place to ourselves for a bit, then boom, all of the sudden people were coming out of the woodwork, literally and not socially distancing themselves.

We got back to camp and found that the hosts had allowed a family of six to park right next to us to share that space. Needless to say, this has become a very popular campsite where people were obviously scouting sites and leaving dummy tents during the week so they would have a place on the weekend. It is beautiful, but it is crowded. And during a pandemic, not necessarily the place I wanted to be, so we threw everything in the van and high tailed it out of there!

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