Tadra Point
Crystal C.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 23, 2018

Horse haven

While anyone can camp here for $20 it is designed for horse lovers wanting to ride the trail so a lot of times it is a bit crowded with those who have brought out a trailer of horses and several people for rides. You will find that they tend to tie up horses under trees and utilize the opening of the waterfront by Cottonwood for horses to drink.

We have been out here a few times to fish at the lake and have noticed sometimes the crowd turns into more of a beer bust style party than a quiet campsite. Radios were blaring country music loudly last time we were out and the people who were there in several horse trailers and trucks were all together so it became their own private campground basically with bbq grills set up and horses looking like they were tied up everywhere.

There is a toilet at this facility and the grass is managed because of the higher levels of traffic but it would make camping here difficult on some occasions when larger groups are present.


  • If camping is a little to crowded due to increased volumes of horse trailers explore further down the hill and across the spillway at the other lake area

  • Bring toilet paper, this is a busy facility and sometimes is not equipped with adequate supplies

  • Call ahead to the LBJ Grassland office for alternative site information just in case. Sites are available as walk up so having a backup plan is always smart!!

  • Something you will want to consider is that this area is leased by ranchers for cattle to graze which does help in keeping certain areas down a bit however this is only a few hundred yards from the camp area.  Cows often graze here because of the water sources
  • This  is the clearing area at tadra, nearby there are several geocaches for those who enjoy that aspect of exploring like we do!!