Pride Valley Campground
Reviewed Aug. 29, 2020

OK Campground

Friendly staff.  Definitely insanely overpriced for low-impact tent-campers.  (They charge based on the assumption you'll be using their electric and water hook-ups at tent sites, for example.  For the record, I consider $25 to pitch a tent, have a campfire you fund, and get a hot shower they fund to be absurd.)

Bathroom facilities are poor and not well-maintained, but count as (barely) serviceable.  Make sure to bring sandals so as not to step in the animal shit that covers the floors of the restrooms.  Large campground.  Could be worth it for tent campers if you plan to make use of other amenities they offer, such as their swimming pond with diving board.

Would I go again?  Maybe, maybe not.  Probably not, but your mileage may vary.  Their primary audience is clearly the RV crowd.  Every single one of their tent sites has water and electric hookups, and no serious tent campers (car campers, glampers) want or need that, but are expected to pay for it anyway.

If you're going to this place, you're probably in the RV crowd.  Look for reviews from those folks.  For mostly primitive tent camping (i.e, a place to pitch a tent plus a hot shower), I rate this place as a C+.  This rating is based almost entirely on value (D) and quality of the bathroom/shower amenities (C).  The well-maintained land and the additional amenities many will not care for give it a boost to the C+ range.

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