Julie P.
Reviewed Aug. 23, 2016


Gird Point Campground which is located in the Bitterroot National Forest is gorgeous. I love camping in Montana- I honestly have never had a bad experience camping anywhere in Montana. Gird Point is definitely no exception. My favorite part about this campsite is that it is located at the top of a peak. Camping on this peak definitely has gorgeous views, no doubt. There are three different mountain ranges that you are able to look out and see. Honestly, this is the best thing to wake up to. Talk about picturesque. You are able to stay in the lookout which has two beds that you are able to put your sleeping bags/pads on, and the lookout sleeps 4 people. When I went, we did have 4 people and it fit us pretty well. There is also a wood stove that works great for heating up water and cooking. The lookout also comes with some utensils and other amenities. Obviously, you do need to bring your own bathing supplies, sleeping supplies, food and drinks. You are able to drive to a certain point and then you do have to hike the remainder of the length to the lookout. The hike isn't too bad.

  • Inside the lookout area. It does come with 2 beds, table and chairs, and stove. Bring your own food, sleeping bags/pads and other basic amenities.
  • Inside the lookout area. Fits 4 people comfortably. Even if it was a tight fit, I wouldn't have minded because the views were definitely worth it.

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