Lindsey R.
Reviewed Sep. 30, 2017

LEDLENDSER MH10 and KOA Route 66 review

Campground review:

Once googling local campsites at the last minute for a weekend getaway with both dogs, we came route 66 campground. They have a dog park, rv hookup sites, electric tent sites and primitive sites. We stayed at a primitive tent site with both dogs. Site t13, which unfortunately was one of the very few camp spots with zero trees so we're unable to use our hammock. (Most of the other sites had great trees for hammock setups). Other amenities on the campground included a heated pool, bike rentals, basketball courts, a country store for firewood, supplies, and gift shop. Needless to say this was not a "roughing" it type campground. For the dogs though, we were right across from the creek to take them down to play. Also, kids were catching crawdads! Great campsite that is pet friendly and very family friendly!

Product review:

Ledlenser mh10

This headlamp first of all comes with a 7 year warrantly(must register the product)! On top of that all these features: a rechargeable battery with a USB port. Rapid focus system with 2 tough button on headlamp to adjust lighting. The strap is very easy to adjust and fit to comfort, lightweight despise the battery pack attached to the headlamp. The lighting is phenomenal! You also get a green and red additional glass lense that you can screw into the front of your lense for any activity and not disturb others with a bright white light. Me, howsoever, I was able to on this camping trip, use the headlamp to continue to play a game of cornhole... and winter, might I add.. thanks to my headlamp for optimal vision;). Included are some pictures of how bright and fitting the headlamp is. I was highly impressed! Never once did it slip... which I have struggled with in many headlamps that it seems the lamp is too heavy and slowly makes its way down your forehead. The Ledlenser stays in place and is very comfortable! Also, doesn't leave that weird band line on your head... at least I didn't experience it like I have on others. Very impressed overall!

  • Gainer gold mining at the campsite 😂
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  • Our puppies having a blast! First camping gear trip for the one on the right!
  • Lighting up our game with the Ledlenser mh10
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  • Inflatable bounce pillow! So much fun!
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  • Great boxing and comes with a great compact pouch for the headlamp and accessories
  • Rentable train caboose
  • Ledlenser mh10 headlamp-awesome product!
  • Our oasis, lit by the ledlendser mh10
  • Killing the competition in cornhole thanks to meyou Ledlenser mh10 headlamp!

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