Leslie D.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Aug. 6, 2020

Sites are SMALL and park not well kept

We were going to buy the resort package until we went to this campground. The sites were small(some spaces were so small my husband couldn't even get his truck into the spot easily), no noise ordinance and campground was not very kept up. The other thing is that they say they are much safer than public RV parks because it's a private entity, but they will let anybody stay a few nights if you're willing to listen to the sales pitch. I know for a fact the people that were in the next sight (our awning almost touched the hook-up side of neighbors RV), he told my husband he was a felon 7 times for violent crimes and he had to register as a sex offender. He was 2 sites from the pool. That didn't make us feel safe. At least with public parks, you don't get a false sense of security. Here they sell the safety issue of the private resort and one of their sales points. Also if you don't buy into one of their memberships, they begin to call you moochers the rest of the weekend. Also picnic table was so off balance because the deck was so uneven that when you sat on the end it would actually throw you off onto the ground. I still have scars. also the park is so crammed that strange people will just hang out very close to your campsite