Camp Coldbrook Golf & RV Resorts
Reviewed Aug. 5, 2021

Worst I’ve Ever Seen

I’ve been RV camping for 5 years and this is the worst campground I’ve ever seen. We reserved it months ago and should have suspected something when they demanded payment in full up front. After a 1-hour drive, the first impression was terrible. We saw poor landscaping, the “kiddie” pool empty and in disrepair, and a golf course that looked like a cow pasture with a couple small circles mowed in it as greens. Despite our uncertainties, we checked in and we’re given site Tulip 8. We tried to follow the map that bore no resemblance to reality and could not find our site. Along the way we experienced terrible roads and saw that the park was full of 20-year old seasonal trailers covered in mold and a hodge-pudge of add-on structures. We called the office and they sent a guy to guide us to the site. He could not find it either so he led us to Tulip 3. It had a broken picnic table and a fire pit near a wood cutout of Susquatch in a nearby seasonal site. There were barking dogs penned up in front of the camper across the road. We told the guy we were leaving. We went to the office and were told there were no refunds for early departures. When we asked for a way to contact a supervisor to ask for a refund, we were given an email address that ended up being fake. Nobody who cares about their family should even consider this campground.

SiteTulip 8
Month of VisitAugust