Maple Springs
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Reviewed May. 20, 2018


Ranger Review: Renogy Water Filtration at Maple Springs Campground Mammoth Cave NP.

Campground Review: Maple Springs Campground is a horse and group campground in Mammoth Cave NP. From the main park you take the Green River Ferry across you guessed it Green River to the far side.

Pro: this area is definitely less traveled than the main park.

Con: you are sharing the trails with horse and bike ( not really a con but..)

Pro: there are some good technical single track trails that take you into the “woods” AND there are free dispersed camping sites! Just check in with the main camp office first. Many, many interesting things to see.

Con: got nothing

Pro: the campground is well spaced out, horse trailer and horse friendly, pretty good shade. I am not a horse person so I can’t speak from that expertise. Plenty of room for groups, there was a Boy Scout invasion when we visited.

Con: pit toilets…..

Pro: direct trail access

Con: pit toilets, though they are clean and well maintained

Product Review: I packed the Renogy Water Filtration


in my hydration bag no problem. . I would suggest pre-assembly due to a few small parts. There are three “main parts” after initial assembly. Intake hose with initial filter and float, the Renogy hand pump and the out put hose. (These are not the official terms, they are my laymen terms) I left the “flusher” at the campsite while hiking. You use it when you are complete with filtration to back flush the “core”.

The only problem I had with the Renogy was handling all the components and three dogs and my cell phone for video capture;) Otherwise it was total ease of use!

1: Place initial filter with float in your source water.

2: place out put tube in your capture vessel

3: pump handle until capture vessel is full and make sure your initial filter is not sitting in the bottom silt.

I sampled my filtered water (yesterday) and have had no ill effects.

A few things to note, I used a run off stream and filtered water from above the trail crossing (I didn’t want any extra trail apple or other flavoring). I have used other filters and water sources before and even with filtration sometimes the water doesn’t taste “pristine” but it’s still palatable. The stream I used was fresh rainwater from the night before and day of. Avoid stagnant water and water with obvious metal contamination. I’m no expert, so there are more tips, read up before extensive use.

  • Maple Springs Trailhead
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  • Renogy Filtration use
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  • Assembly
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  • Pit toilet and water pump
  • Sign in and honor box
  • Sal Hollow Trail
  • Green River Ferry Crossing
  • Several good hiking, biking and horse riding trails
  • Boy Scout and horse sites
  • Green River Ferry parking area with Trailhead got a much needed upgrade!
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