Everstoke - Camping & Glamping MTB park... by a brewery in the amazing Lost Sierra!
Reviewed Sep. 28, 2023

There's nothing quite like Everstoke in California!

I've been visiting and camping at Everstoke frequently since Brian (BKXC on YouTube) and Aaron (MTB'ing Adventures on YouTube) purchased the 91 acres a couple years ago. What an undertaking it has been! But 2 years later, they and hard working friends have created something very unique, in a truly fantastic location!  You just have to experience it to believe it. Seriously.

Besides being able to build fun trails, and then riding those trails, my favorite things about Everstoke are the campsites nestled in the trees, without another campsite or 3 right next to me. I really enjoy the hang out area, meeting other guests and trading stories about where we rode, where everyone is from, and giving people suggestions for hitting all the other epic trails in the area. And it truly doesn't hurt that Everstoke is right next door to one of the coolest breweries I've ever visited (The Brewing Lair). 

Four of my friends stayed in the "tiny house" during the Everstoke Enduro on 9/17/23 and were very stoked on it. Please let your not-so-campy friends know there's a great non-camping option at Everstoke that has all you need but the food and drinks you will consume! 

Lastly, Everstoke has only just begun.  I think there are about 10 miles of riding on the property currently, and that's only on the bottom third of the 91 acres. So much more fun to be built up higher on the property! If you have ideas for trails and features, come on out and make them a reality!

SiteI've tent camped and van camped in 4 of the 8 sites.
Month of VisitOctober
  • Tree Fort Trail!
  • VW cam during the Everstoke Enduro!
  • VW Bug cam at the recent Everstoke Enduro. We found this VW in the forest and are going to turn it into a feature!
  • The Treefort Trail.