Kings River RV Resort
WThe Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Sep. 26, 2021

My stay

Lots of trees which is great unless you have a satellite dish on top of your RV. I should have scouted the place first to get a site with a clear sky. A section of road leading into the park is extremely bumpy. Careful with carbonated drinks after you arrive. Laundry machines are credit card only. The park is along the King River. Which was dry as a desert when I was here. No water presently but looks like that’s not always the case. The speed limit is 5 mph and signs everywhere in case you forget. There are stop signs about every 50 feet. Not at crosswalks or intersections, just randomly placed for no particular reason. At 5 mph it’s a bit redundant. The grounds are kept up nicely and sprinklers everywhere. In the morning my ground was wet along with my just washed truck. All in all I’d probably stay here again. It’s a bit pricey at a little over $80/day.

Month of VisitOctober