Tombstone RV & Campground
Crystal C.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 31, 2018

Themey like the town

So everything in Tombstone is pretty much a theme draw trying to get you to spend a little but I will say that when we found this campground it was a little chuckle because all the different rows are named for different aspects of the western world which is known to be Tombstone. ( Like Lariat or Marshall)

What wasn't old though was the feel of the facility which had modern amenities such as a pool and nice restroom facility. I can only imagine in this area things are highly competitive so keeping to theme but also meeting needs of campers is very important.

Sure it is a little dusty like the west, but you are in Arizona so it can be expected.

They do have rustic accommodations and cabins for those wanting to get the real old west feel and also accommodate both RV and tent campers like myself which was really nice to find out. In fact there was an entire row just dedicated to the good old tent hombres (lol, we will keep in the western theme as well).

Everyone seemed very nice around camp and many were exploring in town at night at one of the many saloons and even asked us if we wanted to come with. They do offer a shuttle service as well for those not wanting to get swept up in the attempting to find a non-pay parking stop.

We paid $25 but had full service at the campground which also included laundry and ice availability without having to get in the car to find a different location. That combined with the pool made it worth every penny!


  • Remember everything has a price tag here so find the deals by researching in advance. There is one ticket for $10 that gets you a show, free souvenir and viewing of the diorama.
  • Take advantage of the propane at this stop if you are in an RV!
  • Before reenactments you will see these guys roaming the streets.   All around town however you will see people in period clothing including all the way out by our campsite.
  • Through many of the downtown streets along the boardwalk areas you cannot drive and instead you will only see the stagecoaches and horses which will take you back.   Our shuttle dropped us off just around the corner from the stagecoach pick up area.
  • These are some of the original printing presses from the days when the west was still wild and the OK Corral incident occurred.   We found out about the tour which took us to the print shop and the OK Corral reenactment from our campground.   They had lots of info as to top deals and spots to check out.