Swansea Ghost Town
Charlie C.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Mar. 9, 2021

You’re Out There

This was a cool spot to camp!

It was like you were camping in a museum. Walking around at night exploring the abandoned structures was surreal. You could almost hear the voices of the past and imagine what life was like in this town at the turn of the century. 
We went in February so we got to experience some more mild weather, I couldn’t comprehend camping here in the summer as it was still mildly warm during the days in winter. Thankfully they have covered picnic areas with tables and benches, they’re about the only shade you are going to find.

Please don’t take and artifacts you may find, its so cool to see these rusted pieces of history scattering the ground. 

Highly recommend a 4 wheel vehicle. I only have front wheel drive and definitely had a couple of nerve wracking moments during the drive in. We went a few days after a rain storm and there are several washes crossing the dirt road to the site. If you are coming from the west coast be sure to stock up on supplies in the town of Parker. BRING PLENTY OF WATER AND MAKE SURE YOU DRIVE OUT WITH A FULL TANK OF GAS. Don’t risk it. 

Really cool place to check out. Lots of dune buggies during the day. 

  Decent spot worth checking out.


P.S. Don’t forget, always leave the area better than you found it!
          LEAVE NO TRACE. 
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