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Reviewed May. 1, 2021

The Most Popular AMC White Mountain Hut

This is one of the larger huts and certainly the most popular given its proximity to the summit of Mount Washington. I've spent many nights here and while it isn't my favorite hut in the White Mountains, it does seem to hold its 90+ nightly guests in a way that doesn't feel too overcrowded. There are multiple rooms with bunks that are stacked two and three high. The hut provides bunks with mattresses, pillows and wool blankets during the summer months. Additionally, the hut provides dinner the night(s) of your stay as well as breakfast. They often have bread and other baked goods as well as soup available for purchase for lunch.

These huts are like mini-oases in the Alpine Zone. You can always make a pit stop to use the composting toilets and top off and/or refill your water.  The hut croo are friendly and super knowledgable of the area and many have worked in the system for numerous seasons. 

As mentioned above, the hut can get quite crowded so be prepared to share space and bring your ear plugs! The views dropping down from Mount Monroe are beautiful and the hike to the top of the "rock pile" (aka Mount Washington) only takes 45 minutes for a fit hiker. Don't be surprised if you can't see anything from the summit though, the summit spends more days in the clouds each year than not.

  • The moonrise from right outside the hut.
  • Looking down at the hut from the Mount Monroe side.
  • Trillium!
  • The view from the summit of Mount Washington
  • Hiking up from the hut to the summit
  • Walking down toward the hut (in the distance) from the Mount Monroe ridge line.
  • The view from the "rock pile" including some rime ice.
  • Sunset with the hut in the frame.
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