Laure D.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Apr. 7, 2021

Small and Nice

This was our first time here and it’s only an hour from home. I was hopeful for another nice DE state park and I wasn’t disappointed. All DE parks are nicely laid out. There were shaded spots and sunny spots. Bathhouse was clean. The camp loop is a nice walk but there are also trails. They were pretty muddy when we were there. Site 35 was quite spacious as were many of them. Sites do sit close to the road but are spacious side to side. There is a large field in the center and woods surrounding the loop. Site 33 was close to our back side but site 37 was far from us. There is one cross road with sites and those were closer together. Sites on pond side were more spread apart than the opposite side. The one tent area was behind and slightly surrounding an RV site which was weird. The other tent areas were separate from RV sites. I would recommend this campground.

  • Site 36
  • Site 35 looking over at 33
  • Site 36 in foreground left and next site in distance. Very spacious.
  • Our new camper companion, Chase! We rescued him a few weeks ago and he loved camping!
  • Site 33 empty
  • 9
  • 7
  • Site 35
  • One of 2 Yurts. Other one was damaged by a tree.
  • Site 37
  • 45
  • 63
  • Trail to pond pier and trails. This is next to site 37 and a camper would be close to this.
  • Site 36
  • 47
  • 67
  • Video taken from our parking pad to show distance between us and 37 in the beginning of video and our view. The sign is the trail head.
  • Yurts and distance from other campsites. There are none next to the yurts. There are some across from yurts. Yurts have kayaks to use.
  • Pond
  • Site 35 on left, site 33 just beyond. All sites sit close to road.
  • Site 36 has space all around it. The camp pad is to the left of this pic.
  • Pier at pond

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