Christina The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Apr. 5, 2021

Clue's in the title. Midway

Have waited six months into our RV life to start reviews for fair comparisons. Stayed 5 nights in 35 foot RV+tow car in 3 different sites. This was one of our least favorite stops so far. Essentially a circle of closely parked RV’s just off busy highway around a lake with gators(never saw any, but signs to NOT walk your dog on the lake side). So to walk your dog you have to let them wee all over your neighbors“land” which is mortifying. Limited to no cell signal. When we went to leave we were told we couldn’t use the dump station because it was full. And we couldn’t use the restrooms because they had a power outage that morning. Not sure what the connection is there, but that’s what we were told. Lots of generators running that morning. And yet it was fairly full, as the beauty is it is a great stopping point to head to southern FL and the Keys. And I suppose the clue is in the title, midway between the east and west coast of Florida. The camp hosts and people we met there were very friendly. The night star skies when not cloudy were incredible. I suppose this is one of those“It is what it is” places. Some campgrounds we love just because we love being there in the actual campground. This is not one of those, but it is a means to an end. We enjoyed the nearby Loop Road in Big Cypress.

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