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Reviewed Mar. 20, 2021

If you’re not a member, you’ll be treated like you don’t belong

Can you say absolutely rude!!! I don't know who Mike is and wether he just works there or is the owner. I will never spend a dime with that park. You may think you're an exclusive members only club, but your attitude and demeanor is what will kill your business.

Let me give some background to the readers. I called the park back in February asking about monthly rv spots. At the time I was told on the phone that we didn't require a membership as monthly renters because if we did have a membership we would have to leave the property after 21 and be away for 7. Okay cool. We'll do the monthly and not do the membership.

I called today and spoke with Mike, who's tone and demeanor was rude from the get go. I called and he answered "Leisure Lakes". Not a hello this is Mike or thank your for calling how can I help you. Nothing! Rude. Strike 1. Okay anyways. We went in to talk about a monthly rental, we walked in the office and "Can I help you?" Not a "welcome to leisure lakes, how can help you today?" Nothing, rude! Strike 2. He started to explain the rental and said you need to be a member of the lakes or of Good Sam. I explained when I called that the person I talked to had said I don't need a membership for doing the monthly rental. Mike's response, "okay, here it is. I'm only going to say it one more time". Really! If you talk to your customers like that, I don't want to spend a penny there ever! Who talks to customers like that. Strike 3. I said to him, "If you're going to be a d$&@, I don't want to rent from here anyways if your just going to be rude. You demeanor on the phone was rude and your even more rude in person". His response,, "Bye". I guess when you think you have an exclusive membership rv park, you can treat people like that. Members beware and future people interested beware. If this is how people are treated when interested in knowing more, how do you think you'll be treat when you're actually staying there?!

If you don't believe what I wrote, look at other reviews that mention how rude they are. I guess they equally treat everyone as if they are wasting their time.

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