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Reviewed Feb. 4, 2021

Everything a campground should be

Celebration Park is the perfect campground for basic boondocking (with bathrooms). It is remote and wild with non-stop views from every site and many outdoor activities nearby. At the entrance to the campground, there is a visitors center, many picnic tables, fire rings, an interpretive walk, and access to the riverfront. This is where the bathrooms are containing a single sink, electrical outlet and two toilets. No showers are available. The bathroom was exceptionally clean when I stayed there. The park adjoins BLM land. There are no hookups for power, water or sewer. Potable water is accessed from the bathrooms and spigots near the entrance. The camping area goes on for at least 1/4 mile along the river and more sites are away from the water. 

Some reviewers mention the bugs. Yes there were swarming gnats when I visited in February, not unbearable, but worth noting if that bothers you. Also note the wind coming down the gorge creates some showy sandstorms. (See video) Hey, it's the outdoors.

The county park is located on the Snake River Gorge about 25 miles from the nearest town. It is located on the northern fridge of the Morley Birds of Prey Sanctuary. You will awaken to the sound of the ducks and geese and can watch hawks and ravens soar on the winds rushing through the gorge. This is not the best place for watching the raptors, as I learned on staying there. Swan Falls south about 15 miles is for wildlife viewing, nevertheless, there was plenty to see and I spent two nights there. 

A walk up away from the river takes you to a large lake and you can also cross the historic rail bridge to the other bank of the river and climb to the top of the gorge. Excellent place for stargazing, but avoid the sites closest to the visitor center where the lights interfere with prevent perfect darkness.

  • Sandstorms blow through the canyon.
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