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Reviewed Sep. 28, 2020

Wilderness camp with a hot springs soak

If a backpacking trip in to a wilderness area with a hot springs next to your campsite sounds like the perfect trip, then Stanley Hot Springs is for you.  Stanley Hot Springs located in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness is just under a 5 mile hike from the trail head located in the Wilderness Gateway Campground.  The trip in to the hot springs gains about 1500 feet, but the climb is worth it as you get to soak your tired legs after the hike. 

Plenty of campsites can be found around and near the Hot Springs.  Water can be filtered from the near by creek.  You are backpacking so be prepared to bring out everything you bring in.  You are also in Bear Territory so be prepared to hang your food in a tree and bring bear spray.

Getting to the hot springs can be a little tricky as their is no bridge over the creek, so you will have to ford the creek, unless you can find a series of log jams to cross on.  Best bet for finding you way is to ask someone hiking out for suggestions on crossing the creek.

The creek crossing will not be possible in the spring or during high water flows.   We managed an easy crossing over log jams in July, but others a week earlier forded the creek in waist deep water.

The area was clean during our visit, so please keep it that way.

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