Tom W.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 30, 2020

Nice place

I at Oakzanita a little after noon, got my space, and was all set up in an hour. The drive getting here is wicked, if you’ve never been here before. In my scooter club, the San Diego Pharaohs, we’ve ridden up here in the mountains plenty, so I knew what I was in for. Lots of windy roads in. If you want seclusion, and quiet, then this is the place. The best thing about being here in the Cuyamacas, is it’s beauty! I love it up in the mountains. Some amenities were closed, but at least the pool was open for 2 hours 4 times a day, you can play mini golf, but bring your own putter and balls. Before I came up, my friend was bringing me something, and for the 5th time I said don’t forget a couple golf balls. Well, he forgot. The showers are working in the men’s and women’s rooms, the honey wagon will come around and empty your tanks, plus they have a dump station, since it’s just water and electric hookups. Two bad things, no internet, and no laundry. Before I left my last stop, I didn’t do laundry, and figured I can do it here. The guy at the gate even said there was a laundry. He neglected to say it was out of order. So I hopped on my Vespa, and off to Alpine I went. It only goes 55, so I said, what the hell, let’s hop on the freeway. Got to the laundry, and right next store to it was a pizza place, so I got a sausage sub. Delicioso! Now the laundry was done, and I didn’t want to climb the 2,000 feet up the highway on the scooter with a load of laundry, so I took the long way back. After about 20 minutes I come upon a sign, ‘Unpaved Road Next 6 Miles’. And that was a very long, very bumpy, and very dusty, 6 miles. It took me almost an hour to get back. Hey, it’s all part of the adventure. Another good thing, my cell service, Consumer Cellular, was exceptional!!! Full bars, so I could Netflix, and YouTube! Unfortunately, I used up all my data with 12 days until next months plan kicks in. I would venture up this way again.

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