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Reviewed Jun. 2, 2020

Unknown Pond

*Check the White Mountain National Forest website prior to hiking in. As of June 1, 2020 this tentsite was closed due to COVID-19. 

You can hike in to this site from either the site can be reached from either the trailhead on Mill Brook Road (gated in winter) or from the Berlin Fish Hathcery on York Pond Road. We did a loop, going in Mil Brook and hiking out the Unknown Pond Trail. Note that there can be snow on north facing slopes into June so be prepared to post hole or carry snowshoes. 

This is a relatively popular spot in the Kilkenny/Pilot range so an early start might result in a better shot of available sites especially in the height of summer. The pond is beautiful and open to fly fishing for those with a NH fishing license. While I didn't have much luck with the fish, I was certainly surrounded by a multitude of frogs! The amphibians provide a lovely backdrop for sleep and seem to sing all day and all night. 

I believe there are 8 sites (maybe 9, I can't remember) available as well as a pit toilet. Some of the sites have cribbing that can be a bit flooded as the snow melts or if there has been a fair amount of rain. Moose and black bears frequent the area, though niether are a nusiance to campers so be sure to store your food appropriately to ensure that remains the case. The hike in on the Unknown Pond trail can have several swift river crossings in the early spring as the snow melts. This can also cause significant flooding on the trail and lot's of mud so watch your footing. 

The pond provides drinking water so be sure to carry in a water filtration system, chemical treatment or plan to boil water. There is easy access to the pond and you can wade in a bit as well. Sites are well shaded and spread out nicely from one another. If you're looking for a nice spot to spend the night in the White's, you can't beat this one.

  • Snow hangs on for quite some time on the north facing slopes.
  • Water flooding the trail in early spring
  • More trail flooding
  • Bog bridges
  • Unknown Pond as the sun sets.
  • Intersection to campsites.
  • Access to the water
  • Frog Chorus
  • Resting!
  • Beautiful hiking!

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