Reviewed Apr. 27, 2018

Childhood Memories

I have been camping here since I was 6 or 7 years old. (I am now 67) Being born and raised in Utica this was the go to camp ground for us. It's quiet and beautiful. We still go up there every autumn to see the beautiful fall colors.

  • "The Rock" as we call it. I have pictures of all 5 of my kids on this rock from when they were little till now with their kids (my grand children).
  • Just another view of the lake.
  • Looking at the beach. It's empty because these were taken after the close of the season.
  • This is a view of the lake from the picnic area.
  • Looking the other way, away from the beach.
  • Just another view of the lake.
SiteI think I've stayed in nearly every site over the years.

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