Reviewed Jun. 22, 2016

Space #10 is the place to be...

Rainbow campground is a great little campground that is nestled up right next to ripplebrook. A neat and easily exploitable feature about Rainbow is it's proximity to the Ripplebrook Ranger/Information Station. Being just a couple minutes down the road made it nice to access to extra firewood, bottled water, and dare I say.... candy. Out of all of the available spaces, we found space #10 to be extremely accommodating to our pop-up trailer, SUV, and one additional vehicle. What is also great about this space is that it is large enough to fit maybe 3 medium sized tents. We also appreciated being able to camp right next to the stream that flowed nearby. Now, get rid of the concessionaires running campgrounds in our national forests, and you'd have 5-star camping experience.

  • Looking downstream from space # 10 at Rainbow Campground.
  • My daughter catching a sun-break between rainstorms over the weekend.

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