Tracey G.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Aug. 1, 2021

Crowded and Loud

This campground is very tight, the campsites are on top of each other, and it is filled with kids and very loud teens. The quiet hours are disrespected and it reminded me of dorm living...screaming, blaring music, etc.

The amenities are nice if you want lots of activities for your kids...the swimming pool is nice. The store is nice, and the grille was good. The lake was warm and the kids loved it but I didn't care for murky "lake" water. To me it was more of a large pond, not a lake. The slides they advertise were only operating one out of the five days we were there. There is mini-golf but we didn't play so I can't review it. They do have laundry facilities (we did not use them), bath houses (didn't use them either), and a "fishing" lake that I never saw anyone fish at and it was more like a murky tiny pond, not a lake.

There are MANY seasonal sites there, which is neither good for bad, but lots of semi-permanent residents.

Besides being on top of our neighbors, the actual site was nice. It had a nice firepit, a picnic table, a slab patio area and there were trees for shade. We happened to be on the main road in/out of the campsite so there was TONS of traffic.

The roads were narrow and difficult to navigate around the facility with a 5th wheel in tow.

Staff was great...helpful and kind.

The location was central to Wildwoods and to Cape May (about 10-15 minute drive from both)

  • Barely enough room, IMO, to have a safe campfire with the neighbor's RV right on top of us.
  • Nice campfire ring.
  • Spaces are mostly shaded, which was nice.
  • Swimming "lake"
  • Swimming "lake"...typical lake water which was murky and full of plant material.
  • Cool that if they have enough staff they will deliver the food to your site via golf cart.
  • Dog friendly...the girls working in the grille loved our pup.
  • map of the campground

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