Alissa B.
Reviewed Jul. 24, 2021

Not great but sufficient

Pros: They offer disability/handicap and senior discounts which is nice, not a lot of places offer that. Decent price. Receptionist was friendly. Had a lot of hiking trails around, cool park area. Everything else was mediocre or disappointing.

Cons: The power went out in the entire park in the middle of the night and didn’t come back on for a while. They had a laundry room, but the two dryers they had were out of service. Showers were dirty, smelled like an old moldy basement, didn’t like them at all. A lot of the sites were not very even or taken well care of. Pretty narrow, and some hard to back into. Not much privacy if that’s what you look for. Some sites are pretty close together. Septic dump was really narrow and you’d have a hard time with a big camper/rv.


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