Reviewed Jul. 20, 2021

A reservable paradise- expansive solitude, out of a picture book

I just completed my third stay at Dragon's Gate, and I've now stayed in each of the different sections (Moon Meadow, Giant Crystal, Jessie's Camp). Each gives a completely different but wonderous experience, either with open views of flower pastures and woods, or a more insular green surrounded by trees. Each reservable space is massive.... 4-5 times the size of most campsites. While you may reasonably run into other campers within each section if you go for a walk, you won't even know anyone is in the other sections, its so private. Sing at the top of your lungs or let your dog roam, they won't run into anyone. 

Its just SO pretty. Each campsite is really well maintained- the roads and campsites are mowed, carving into the meadows. There are porta potties and access to drinking water and a great deal on both wood and eggs. Wooden picnic tables are in each site, and a well appointed fire ring. The hosts are really lovely as well, and overly accommodating. The entire site is organic, so they do ask that you participate in their policies of no charcoal usage and leave no trace.

Tenino itself is a cute little historic town, with a surprisingly well appointed supermarket and hardware store, and on Saturdays there's a farmers market. 

Mostly, I love how my dog can safely roam, and how, even when I am completely by myself camping, I still feel safe.

  • the road to the Giant Crystal
  • This was in early Spring, the meadows hadn't grown in yet.
  • The Giant Crystal campground. The fire bundle is that entire tub of wood, delivered to your campsite, for 13$
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  • The fire rings all look like this. Sizeable, easy to put up a tripod for cooking, etc.
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  • Inside that gazebo is a 300lb crystal. Its the only structure in any of the campgrounds.. they are otherwise completely open.
SiteMoon meadow, Giant Crystal, Jessie's Camp

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