Reviewed Jul. 9, 2021

So much fun

This place was lots of fun. Definitely more Glamping but it was very cool to experience. We went for the 4th of July weekend and there were so many different activities to do and see. There’s even a clubhouse for people of all ages with many games and activities to do. There’s also a small gym. We absolutely loved going to visit the few farm animals they had as well.

Only thing that takes off a star for me is that they don’t allow tents. We have a roof top tent and called ahead to confirm if we were allowed to use it and the lady on the phone said no. (We go to the resort anyways because we had plans with our family). So we decided to rent a camper then when we get to the resort another lady tells us that it’s ok for us to use the tent and that others have used them before. At the time it was a headache to go through but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. Since it’s a new resort and the trees are new there is absolutely to shade! It can get extremely hot that you will definitely need to take advantage of the pool. Aside from all that it is definitely a nice place to visit. My family had so much fun.

  • Spacious paved lot area.
  • Jackey the donkey!

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