SThe Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 7, 2021

Really nice area, beautiful pond and very friendly staff

We stayed here as our first venture out with our new rig and it was a nice place. the site we stayed at (47) took a little leveling to get right but it was pretty nice having views of the water. The staff (especially at the front desk) was very friendly. Only problem was the cell signal. My wife works remotely and needs a to be connected. Without our antenna we we only had 1 bar of both Verizon and AT&T. No signal at all on T-Mobile/Sprint. With our antenna we got two bars of Verizon and AT&T but it wasn't enough to not drop a few calls. Blame the cell carriers, not the campground though. 

Theres a covered bridge that scared me a little due to size concerns but its quite tall and wide enough. Our rig is 11'9" to the top of the A/C and we had no issues.

  • Site number 47 in the foreground, 48 behind it.

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