Reviewed Jun. 29, 2021

Loud highway, unclean bathrooms, poor tent site, easy access to Niagara

KOAs aren't my first choice - I don't use the extra amenities and the tent sites are often pretty out in the open. That said, usually I am happy enough with what I get and can count on almost always get a site last minute. This KOA was terrible -- the tent sites didn't have the standard nice flat KOA tent pad and the only level spots put you inches from the road. No trees, bushes, etc between them (but that's not unusual). Bathrooms (main and family cabins, which were a nice option) were not busy but also not clean at all - no set schedule and we never saw anyone cleaning them while we were there. Next to busy loud highway (not something they can do anything about, just an fyi). at least average KOA niceness for $50/night - the experience fell far short of that.

SiteC33 maybe?

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