Brad C.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jun. 23, 2021

An experience that will never be forgotten

The best camping experience I’ve ever had. Sites are nothing more than fire rings and small clearings among the various desert flora that stretch for miles. Perfect for those who want a truly primitive experience. Rock formations litter the hundreds of miles of flat desert providing countless opportunities to hike and view magical sunsets. Nighttime offers a unique opportunity, devoid of light pollution, to view stars and celestial sites that are usually hidden. Coyotes roam free and it isn’t rare for a pack to venture very near campsites at night. Enjoy, but remain aware. Spiny plants abound, so be vigilant and dress accordingly.

  • Rocky terrain.
  • They look so small from this distance.
  • Rock formation (they don’t have these in Arkansas).
  • Waiting for the sun to rise.
  • Morning sun creeping over the horizon.
  • A much appreciated fire on a December night on The Mojave.
  • Amazing how plentiful the plant life is here.
  • Desert flora and rock formations in the distance.
  • Taking a Siesta.
  • Desert flora and rock formations.
  • Taking a rest while hiking.
  • Desert flora and rock formations.
  • Sightseeing.
SiteSites unmarked

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