Kelsey C.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jun. 20, 2021

Excessively Harassed By Camp Hosts

If you like to have a nice relaxing time camping… don’t come here! Seriously! If you can… cancel and go literally anywhere else.

  • Do you camp with dogs?
  • Do you camp with Kids?
  • Do you camp with an RV?
  • Do you camp with more than 8 people?
  • Do you camp with a grill?
  • Do you like to NOT be micromanaged when you camp?

Then read on, Baby Doe is NOT the place for you in 2021.

First of all, you need to know are a family that camps with kids, and camps a lot! We are respectful camp neighbors. We have never been treated this way. (Please read my other reviews)

The camp host are Camp rule vigilantes. They don’t need a complaint or a “danger” to harass you. They are actively looking for things that no one is even complaining about, and they are enforcing rules that I’ve never even heard of.

Not only do the camp host have the extremely excessive camp rules posted on the tables (included in pictures), after you’ve arrived they come and ask you if you I’ve read the rules.

DOGS - They said if your dog is off leash, they don’t give you a warning, they consider the posted rules the warning, they only give fines. Also make sure you have an in-ground dog steak because they are enthusiastic about dogs not being tied to trees.

KIDS- Their posted rules include “children should never race bikes / shout throughout the camp site” … are you kidding me. So basically don’t bring your kids. The camp host were so aggressive about the other rules I was scared for my children to wander to far from our campsite. Our friend that had an older child was told to slow down when she was riding her bike.

RV - a friend in our group left their exterior lights on and sure enough the camp host came knocking. She started with “I’m not saying you’re breaking any rules but…” … long story short, he was asked to turn them off.

8 PEOPLE PER CAMP SITE - I’m not joking, they were trying to enforce 8 people per camping site. It was us and a couple families calmly hanging by the camp fire (no music playing) they told is we’re not supposed to have more than 8 people per camp site. The hilarious part about this is that the Ranger rolled by our campsite not even 5 mins before the host did and didn’t stop to say anything about it.

GRILL- Have you ever stayed at a camp ground that wouldn’t allow a charcoal grill because there’s “almost” fire ban?? Instead they recommend using the fire pit to cook. We stayed 6/18 and some counties are under a fire ban, Lake County where Baby does is located is NOT under a fire ban, but they still asked us not to use a charcoal grill.

QUIET-HOURS - at 9:52 they came to tell us that in 8 mins it’s quiet hours. Then proceeded to be ridiculously aggressive about it, despite us having ZERO complaints. We weren’t playing music, we were quietly hanging by the campsite.

I’d like to say the water was nice and the fishing was good but all of these positive things were overshadowed by being harassed by the camp host over non-issues.

Do your self a favor, find a better camp spot.

Please don’t take my word for it… people must be getting the memo because I’ve never seen so many empty camp sites! It was so hostile I’ve considered filing a formal complaint about how bad they were.

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