Angela C.
Reviewed Jun. 15, 2021

Mean people suck!

We checked in and had reservations but it’s a first come first serve sites! They have different sections that cost more… the closer you are to the river, the more it will cost. It ranges from $5 to $20 bucks more a night.They say NO saving sites but people do and if your new to the campground it’s hard to know what is what!! Once I figured out the sites I had people move their cars so we could back in…. Lucky us we get next to a resident that lives there and is so rude! She wasn’t home at the time so we had no idea if that camper was parking their vehicle in parking area since nothing was in front of her trailer! We had our golf cart over a bit in her site and boy we heard about it in the morning!! She scolded us like we were kids!! She went and told others in the campground that lived their as well! She told us that they others said to lay on the horn at 10 pm until we came out! 🙄 thank goodness we were able to move over a site so we had one between us because the sites are so, so small you can’t even extend your awning all the way…. While we were moving over she comes out to say we’ll like it there pssh and we have the best behaved dogs. I wanted to say take some lessons from them 😂🤣Mean people can ruin your trip so easily!!! The River is nice with man made trails to easily walk down to a beach area. They don’t have sewer so you can dump it yourself at a dump area on the campground or have a service come to you and do it for $25 They have a store on the grounds and a pool. This is a Thousand Trails so if you are a member it is probably less out of your pocket. Besides the mean old grumpy lady and the small sites, it was a good trip….I don’t think we will return though. I feel there is many more campgrounds to explore and I’ll do a better research on the area before booking……

  • recreation room
  • River
  • beach area
  • cabins
  • rapids that change all the time
  • beautiful
Sitefirst H5 at $5 extra a day to H4 $10 extra

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