Reviewed Jun. 7, 2021

Pretty and clean, but a bit cramped

The campground in general was very nice: playgrounds and a lake nearby, and suitably close to a number of small towns and the Alder Lake Dam to have stuff to check out.

Unfortunately, our campsite (53) wasn't trimmed back sufficiently, so the grassy area where you'd normally put a tent was about 3-5 feet smaller than shown in the picture on Tacoma Power Parks' site, and we ended up having to place our tent half on gravel and half on grass for it to not be too close to the firepit.

The campsites in the main loop are much too close together and lack sufficient isolation via greenery, and the drunken revelry from four campsites away was close enough that it kept the four of us awake until just after midnight.

We'll definitely come here again, especially now that we have a list of good sites in our notes.

Sites to avoid: 53, 59, 60, 68.

  • Firewood was $7 a bundle from the camp host, and they had carts to bring it back to your campsite.
  • The swimming area is marked off by big booms and was fairly calm.
  • The beachfront area was very clean and well-tended. Playground in upper-right corner.
  • This playground by the lake is a bit small, but our daughter had fun. There are 3-4 other playgrounds on the map.
  • A panorama of campsite 53. If you look closely, you can see where the footprint of our REI Base Camp 6 (an admittedly large tent) is on the boundary between the grass and the gravel. It was lumpy and sloped, and lack of decent tent placements was our only major complaint, and seemed unique to our site.

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