Reviewed May. 24, 2021

Beautiful views, little privacy

Check-in took a LONG time! Upon check-in, the staff member seemed very confused with questions we asked. Booking online said 25’-30’ RVs were allowed in the self contained RV/tent area, depending on the site. We knew we were taking a chance on not finding a fitting site with a 30’ rig. When asked if the site she assigned would accommodate our rig, she said “um I think so” then handed us a map with our number circled and tried to send us on our way. We asked her to please verify and it took some time and help from another team member to determine it wouldn’t fit. It took about 15 mins for this process and to eventually find a site we’d fit in. When asked where we could fill our freshwater tank, she replied “oh I didn’t charge you for that! Hang on!” She thought we meant that we wanted a full hook up (none were available) and then proceeded to ask us for additional money. We clarified and asked where the dump station was and she said “but you just got here?!”

Other than that process being less than ideal, the views are fantastic. We ended up with site 101 and had a perfect view of the lake from our windows. The walk to the beach is a little lengthy but worth it. Bathrooms were clean, laundry is cheap, and showers are $2 and token operated for 8 mins.

One other thing, not the CG’s fault...I’ve never had so many people walk through a campsite before!!! It drove our dogs crazy! We even had men from across the road come over to collect dried/dead brush from our “yard”. And when I say our yard, I mean I could’ve reached out the window and touched them. Our site is close to the bathroom but instead of using the sidewalk or trail 10ft away, people walked right past us. We were sitting at our picnic table one night and had people stroll right on by about 5’ away, never even acknowledging us.


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